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EmuCR: VBjin-OVR VBjin-OVR v3.0 is released. VBjin-OVR is a Virtual Boy Emulator for Windows with support for the Oculus Rift VR display device.

To use this with the Oculus Rift, make sure you select the following settings in the menu:
- Under View->Coloring, select either Red for the traditional experience, or Greyscale.
- Under View->Splitting Mode, select Oculus Rift
- Under View->Video Display, select Both
- Go to File->Open Rom, and once the game loads, press ALT+ENTER to go fullscreen.
- Keyboard/Joystick/Gamepad controls can be configured under Config->Input Config

VBjin-OVR v3.0 Changelog:
- Version 3.0 upgrades Oculus SDK to 1.3.0, adding support for the CV1. This also adds the new 'immersive' mode.

Download: VBjin-OVR v3.0
Source: Here

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