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EmuCR: DSP EmulatorDSP Emulator v0.16b3 WIP (2016/05/16) is released. DSP Emulator is a new version of the ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy emulator.

DSP Emulator v0.16b3 WIP (2016/05/16) Changelog:
- Fixed snapshots loading in some drivers
- Fixed value and type of the amplifier in some sound chips
- Cleaning some CPUs
- Completely eliminated references to the 'SDL2.pas' unit and improved the 'lib_sdl2.pas' to be independent
- GFX: fixed left rotate of the nonsquare graphics
- Z80
*Removed the special case of HALT opcode
*Fixed possible loose of timings after the execution of an opcode
- YM3812: Converted to classes
- Konami Sound
*Converted to classes
*Integrated Z80 sound CPU
*Integrated Frogger and Scramble sound driver
*Improved and corrected some drivers
*Separated into four types 'Time Pilot', 'Jungler', 'Frogger' and 'scamble'
- Updated 'Galaxians' samples and added 'Space Invaders' samples

Sega System 1
- Added custom Z80 timings

- Added 2nd player controls
- Driver cleaning

Galaxian HW
- Galaxian: Added several sounds (samples)
- Fixed stars background

Space Invaders
- Added driver with sound (samples)

- Added driver with sound

Download: DSP Emulator v0.16b3 WIP (2016/05/16)
Source: Here

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