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EmuCR: fs-uaefs-uae v2.7.13 dev is released. fs-uae is a multi-platform Amiga emulator based on UAE/WinUAE, with a focus on emulating floppy-disk and CD-ROM based games. An important feature of the emulator is that it is fully controllable with a gamepad from your couch, with an on-screen GUI, which means that you can easily swap floppies and load save states with your gamepad. fs-uae is well suited to be started from an emulator frontend running on a HTPC, for instance.

The emulator has less configuration options than other UAE variants, but rather focuses on default settings which just works. For example, if you are running fs-uae in Amiga 500 mode, you cannot turn off cycle-exact mode.

FS-UAE Changelog:
A new development version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.7.13dev:
* JIT on x86-64: Handle it gracefully when 2 GB virtual memory could not be allocated (reduce size of allocation region).
* A bit more flexible VM allocation function.
* New option expect_version (used by FS-UAE Launcher).
* Fixed middle mouse button ungrabbing with more than 1 keyboard joystick.
* Remove greek translations due to missing bitmap font characters.
* Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.7.13dev:
* Show launch dialog when running configs directly from command line.
* Show launch errors (if any) in error message box when running from cmdline.
* Use expect_version option to verify that FS-UAE version matches.
* Launcher can be started with a zip/lha file containing disk images [jbl007].
* Launcher can be started with more than one floppy image path as command line arguments.
* Launcher can be started with more than one CD-ROM image path as command line arguments (will default to CD32 model in this case).
* Properly load last config file (if applicable) when starting.
* Unsaved config options will no longer be restored on startup (last used game or config will be fully reloaded).
* When using –config:key=value options, start with empty config (unless a specific config is loaded via the command line).
* Store maximized = 0 state properly when window is unmaximized.
* Imported updated translations from crowdin.com.

Download: fs-uae v2.7.13 dev x86
Download: fs-uae v2.7.13 dev x64
Source: Here

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