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EmuCR: Project64Angrylion RDP Plus Git (2017/09/23) is complied. This is a conservative fork of angrylion's RDP plugin that aims to add new features while retaining the accuracy of the original plugin.

Angrylion RDP Plus features:
* More maintainable code base by dividing the huge n64video.cpp into smaller pieces.
* Improved portability by separating the emulator plugin interface and window management from the RDP emulation core.
* Multi-threaded rendering support, which increases performance on multi-core CPUs significantly.
* Replaced deprecated DirectDraw interface with a modern OpenGL 3.3 implementation.
* Added manual window sizing.
* Added fullscreen support.
* Added BMP screenshot support.
* Added settings GUI.
* Slightly improved interlacing performance.

Angrylion RDP Plus Changelog:
* Merge pull request #17 from loganmc10/m64_fixes
Fix config name, use m64p messaging API
* Fix config name, use m64p messaging API
* (angrylion) emulated the influence of texture coordinate fractions on yuv2rgb conversion; fixed and optimized mid_texel specific triangular filtering calculations; tiny cleanups.
* Added more build info to "about" screen
* Fixed exception when parsing "pure" tags
* Added version field to binary config file to handle future format changes
* Small fix in CORE_SIMPLE_NAME
* Shortened some file names and cleaned up headers
* While I'm on it, let's also make the internal screen interface static again
The retracer needs to be rewritten specifically for benchmarking, anyway.
* Changed internal plugin interface back to static
It seemed like a good idea to use pointers for flexibility at first, but
it turns out to be largely unnecessary, since there won't ever be the need
to implement multiple plugin interfaces per plugin project.
* Renamed gl-screen project to plugin-common
* Decided to rename all executables back to "angrylion-plus", like the solution name
* (angrylion) emulated how triangular filtering still happens when sample_type is clear, but en_tlut is set; added missing nybble replication to YUV-4 texels; added support for undocumented texture formats, which are all identical to "intensity"; removed redundant masking of the t coordinate to an 8-bit value when the TMEM half to read from is predetermined and code clarity doesn't seem to suffer; emulated how the t coordinate of two lower texels in triangular interpolation can actually exceed 0xff, this being a refinement of r105; emulated the peculiarities of how texture coordinate masking and mirroring affect YUV texels; emulated how YUV texels can modify fractional parts of coordinates used in triangular filtering (two distinct "bilerp alphas" for the s coordinate); emulated crazy blue-alpha data shuffling among the 4 texels fetched for triangular interpolation of YUV texels; emulated how all 4 16-bit shorts comprising a palette entry can actually be read from; emulated how YUV-16 and YUV-32 texels actually use two different s coordinates in red-green reads and blue-alpha reads in two rightmost pixels fetched for triangular interpolation when en_tlut is clear (all bugfixes have been tested on hardware).
* Added support for anamorphic widescreen
Fixes #15
* Divided config struct into VI and DP and renamed "trace" to "trace_record"
* Changed screen code to support output size changes without changing the texture size
* Moved irand.h to source files filter
* Changed plugin version from "v2.0.0" to "v0.1.0"
The Git revision can't be used directly, so use a beta-ish number instead
* Created custom msg.c implementation for each plugin/tool for better flexibility
* Removed '\n' at the end of messages

Download: Angrylion RDP Plus Git (2017/09/23) x86
Download: Angrylion RDP Plus Git (2017/09/23) x64

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