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EmuCR: psPOPStarter r13 (2017/10/20) is released. POPStarter is a launcher which lets you play your PS1 games in combination with $ony’s PS1 emulator for PS2 (known as “POPS” or “SLBB-00001”). Unlike the previous POPStarter versions and the proofs of concept, POPStarter r13 does NOT contain the emulator itself or libraries that belong to $ony. It is safe to publish in forums/sites that don’t tolerate warez stuff, as long as it’s not repacked with the decrypted emulator files or things like a PS BIOS.

POPStarter changelog:
- Code cleanup
- USBD and USBHDFSD drivers reverted to builds from WIP 02
Since the drivers from prototype 2 reduced performances in BOTH POPStarter and POPS.
- Bugfixed : POPStarter wasn't loading MODULE_#.IRX.
Massive thanks to ShaolinAssassin for helping me to find what was broken.
- POPStarter now accepts PS2CD and PS2CDDA disc types.
In other words, you can now perform the disc swap trick with a pressed PS2 CDROM, in uLE or Swap Magic for example.
Your original disc (PS1/PS2) track 1 (data track) must have an equal or bigger TOC than the track 1 of your backup.
- Automated $COMPATIBILITY_0x05 for Resident Evil SLES-00200/SLES-00227/SLES-00228 as requested.

Download: POPStarter r13 (2017/10/20)

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