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EmuCR: Emu71Emu71 v1.15 is released. Emu71 is an emulator for the HP71B calculator. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL. The emulator is running on all Win32 platforms.

Emu71 v1.15 Changelog:
- bugfix in function EnterBreakpoint(), returned an uninitialized
address value on empty breakpoint edit control
- bugfix in function OnDrawBreakWnd(), modified implementation and
fixed background color of highlighted selection
- bugfix in function disasm_1() and disasm_8(), fixed decoding of
r=ss, ss=r and rssEX with ss = 5, 6, 7, D, E or F register select
- changed function OnContextMenu(), when the context menu was
generated from the keyboard it opened at a fix position, now when
the mouse cursor position is inside the client window, at the
mouse cursor position
- changed version
- bugfix in table o81Af2_, o81Af1_ and o81Af0_, replaced o_invalid6
function pointers by their corresponding opcode function
- bugfix in table o12_, o11_ and o10_, replaced o_invalid3 function
pointers by their corresponding opcode function
- changed implementation file to LodePNG version 20210627 with
unmarked typecast patches for x64 compatibility, Copyright (c)
2005-2021 Lode Vandevenne
- changed header file to LodePNG version 20210627

Download: Emu71 v1.15
Source: Here

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