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EmuCR: Mesen-SMesen-S Git (2020/01/01) is compiled. Mesen-S is a cross-platform SNES emulator for Windows & Linux built in C++ and C#.

Mesen-S Git changelog:
* Linux: Fixed black screen when loading a game with nvidia drivers
* Video: Option to select exclusive fullscreen resolution
* Cart: Region code 0x12 is PAL
* Debugger: Lua - Fixed getState returning the wrong value for the ppu.scanline field
* UI: Added resources for about acknowledgements
* Cheats: Updated cheat DB
* UI: Added shortcuts to select a specific save slot
* Input: Turn off hot plugging for directinput devices
* Debugger: Fixed crash due to uninit variable after calling GetAbsoluteAddress on BW-RAM
* Debugger: Fixed edit breakpoint in SPC memory opening the wrong breakpoint window
* Debugger: Event Viewer - Fixed event viewer being blank on opening if paused
* Run ahead support (+ improved save/load state performance)

Download: Mesen-S Git (2020/01/01)
Source: Here

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