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WinBox for 86Box v1.1.0.356 is released. 86Box (formerly PCem Unofficial, PCem Experimental, or PCem-X) is an unofficial branch of the PCem emulator, which aims to emulate IBM compatible machines from 1981-2000 period. This branch adds several emulated motherboards.

It's most noticeable features are:
It automatically updates 86Box from Jenkins.
It collects all your VMs in a slick brand new list, with some customization options.
It has a very user friendly UI.
It has a template based virtual machine creation wizard, which makes life so much easier.
It has a collection of around 2000+ vintage hard disk geometries, so you can use any of them to your hearts wish.
It has a real time performance monitor so you can check if you're running too many machines at once.
It has a built in GUID based storing system for your machines, so you don't have to be aware of folder naming schemes.
It has a large collection of custom made icons.
It can create floppy images, and VHD and IMG hard disk images.

WinBox for 86Box changelog:
First attempt to fix startup-crashes with problems related to the new taskbar features. (#52)
Added IBM WDP-L40S (40 MB RLL) to the Hard Disk Database.
Improved logo for the About icon, should be more visible in Dark Mode too.

Download: WinBox for 86Box v1.1.0.356
Source: Here

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