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EmuCR: NeoRAGExNeoRAGEx 5.2a is released by Snk-NeoFighters Team.NeoRAGEx is the premiere emulator for the NeoGeo system.The original authors ceased development of the emulator after hacks (that added Windows 2000/ME/XP support) emerged without their consent. All newer versions that have emerged up to this day are hacks of the original created by emulation groups and fans adding new games to the emulator list (post 1998) to play.

A few time after release the version 5.2, we're presenting the 5.2a verion, which is more like a "fix", but that also brings some important news.

The most noticeable change is, without doubt, the proper emulation of three games that no one has made it work in NeoRAGEx before: Digger Man, Jockey Grand Prix and V-Liner.
That's it! We achieved another great improvement in this great emulator, even without source code available!

Jockey GP, V-Liner e Digger Man playable on NeoRAGEx 5.2a

The freezing bug that occurs in Super Dodge Ball, Gowcaizer, Money Idol Exchanger and OverTop in the previous version are fixed. Also, we have partially fixed the freezing in Ghostlop, that occurs in all the previous NeoRAGEX versions.

This release also marks the end of NeoRAGEx releases from Snk-NeoFighters Team using EGCG mods. Enjoy it!

Some EGCG members that hacked NeoRAGEx before we started our work has pronounced themselves in a negative way about our 5.2 release, and as we respect their work made until the 4.a version, we want to clarify a few things...

The idea about continuing to hack NeoRAGEx arose after EGCG announced that they won't release anymore NeoRAGEx modifications
after the 4.a version.
Then three friends - Shoometsu, JiMMy_PaGe and fabiofilho - joined forces and released the 4.x version, in july 2005. We counted on help from iq_132, friend of JiMMy_PaGe, for the decrypted P1 data from PCB set of SVCCHAOS, and our friend neo04 for the RomCenter DAT.
It's worth to mention that, in the readme file, we didn't forget to properly thank EGCG for the emulator in which we have based to release our version. The executable file itself didn't have any evolution apart from which EGCG have already done, we just added the just released kof10th unique.
Soon appeared other hacks based on 4.x version - these ones, in fact - without any credits mention.

In march, 2006, after a lot of planning and the entry of new members to the project, we released the 5.0 version. Romhack came showing his skills: removed EGCG signatures, fixed the bug that closed the emulator when trying to import MGD2 dumps and restore the Unibios 1.3 support, that the original NeoRAGEx has, and wasn't available in the EGCG versions. Ferchogtx was another member that helped us a lot, with SVC Super Plus, Garou and Metal Slug X. iq_132 once again helped us, providing properly decrypted P data for kof10th and Metal Slug 5.
A deep check and cleaning in the RomCenter DAT was performed by fabiofilho and neo04. Most ROMs were updated, being some of
them released together with the emulator.

So then, in march 2009, we released NeoRAGEx 5.2, with new functions never thought to be possible in NeoRAGEx. The emulator
now works with ALL Unibios versions; added a new menu to the emulator with options to select Unibios usage, RomCenter/ClrMAme
Pro DAT generation, and IPS usage for P, S1 and V data; the emulator now has support to 9 blitters, background changing and multilanguage support. In this version the MCARDS finally were working again - which wasn't in lastest EGCG releases.

The work made for RomCenter and ClrMame Pro DATs was extremely minucious. All the ROMS were updated to perfection, until the limit allowed by NeoRAGEx, and tested one by one. iq_132 was contacted via NeoSource about the m1crypt tool, which decrypt M1 data using the new code from Andreas Naive. We were kindly answered and this tool helped us to make the most perfect DATs for NeoRAGEx.

And now we're releasing the 5.2a version which does what none of the previous (official/hacks) releases was able to do: properly emulates Digger Man, V-Liner and Jockey GP.

Finally, from 4.x to 5.2a version, we evolved, in fact, the emulator, properly gave the credits to all that, in any ways, contributed for the NeoRAGEx surviving (including EGCG), and were perfectionists in our work. We even gave sequence to the EGCG versions numbering sequence.

It's clear to the user eyes the evolution that happened since the last EGCG version (4.a) until our current 5.2 version. And for us, that's what really matter.

Download:NeoRAGEx 5.2a

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  1. I'm getting Error loadind Nitro Library! ERR:998

    Can someone help me with that? I cannot run the emulator.

  2. I have an error message, "A modification non-made by snk-neofighters is detected in the program", can someone help me plz.

  3. I'm getting Error loadind Nitro Library! ERR:998

  4. Error loading Nitro Library! ERR:126

  5. Error loading Nitro Library! ERR:998

  6. when i start the emulator it works fine but after sometime like 8 to 10 minutes it starts running fast. i dont know what to do. i just shut down the emulator. help me to solve this problem plzzzzz

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. como corrigir erro nitro library 998

  9. yo no puedo agregar nuevas roms si alguien puede ayudarme


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