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EmuCR: SEGA GensGens-ReRecording v11a is released.Gens Rerecording, formerly known as Gens Movie Test, is a modification of the highly popular Gens emulator. This modification includes slowdown, recording and playback of controller input logs, dumping of AVI files, and Lua scripting. This emulator is primarily used by the Nesvideos community.

Gens-ReRecording v11a changelog:
-Loading roms and such from command line no longer requires use of the -rom [or relevant] command line switches (nitsuja)
-More emulation variables properly initialized on ROM load (nitsuja)
-FrameCounter positioning now adjust so that it will not run past the right edge of the screen. (upthorn)
-Fixed automatic gmv backup bug where [movie_name].bak.gmv would become the current version and [movie_name].gmv the unmodified backup. (upthorn)
-Added desync warning when playing a movie from a savestate that has no input data saved in it whatsoever. (upthorn)
-Fixed bulletproof rerecording and desync detection compatibility with savestates from recently obsoleted gens versions. (upthorn)

Download:Gens-ReRecording v11a

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