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EmuCR:VisualBoyAdvanceVba-ReRecording v22 is released. VBA rerecording is the re-recording branch of VisualBoyAdvance.This is the development project for this branch of VBA. Its primary function is to expand features related to the creation of Tool-Assisted movies.

VBA rerecording v22 changelog:
New Features
--Added RAM search and RAM watch dialogs from Gens!
--Added support for loading ROMs and movies in 7z/rar/zip/etc archives, including multi-file archive selection support

Win32 GUI features
--Now the emulator will never write to the Windows Registry anymore.
--Added an option to make the emulator prefer the old-fashion save/movie/etc. file naming to the new-fashion.
--Enabled directory override edit boxes
--Added directory overrides for GBx rom, cheats, ips, LUA scritps, AVI and sound recording.
--Re-added the "Open GBx ROM..." menu command. "Open ROM..." changed to "Open GBA ROM...".
--Cleaned hotkeys (somehow). Old hotkeys settings might fail.

--Added input.get().
--gui.gdscreenshot, gui.gdoverlay code changes. removed the upper limit of opacity.
--Changed the draw timing of Lua GUI (use gui.register to display something).
--accept a table for color value.
--add gui.parsecolor, joypad.getup, joypad.getdown, emu.emulating.
--gui.line, gui.box, joypad.get becomes like Gens.
--Win32 Lua console - add a menu to Lua window with "Font..." and "Clear" items.

--Added Pixelate 3x and Pixelate 4x filters
--Fixed GDI/D3D/OpenGL display with 3x filters.
--Added Simple 3x and Simple 4x filters (unoptimized).

Bug Fixes
--Fixed a bug that certain accelerator keys would not be enabled correctly.
--Fixed an assertion failure in the old cheat search dialog.
--Fixed several activation problems of the main window and dialogs.
--Fixed an old bug that would crash the emulator if the user paused it with the throttle set to 25% or less and without a ROM loaded.
--Fixed menu item File->Pause. It now updates correctly. --Fixed display of timestamps of Save Slots. It can be enabled via File->Current Slot->Display Timestamps.
--Fixed an old bug that caused the emulator to freeze.
--Fixed various out-of-range errors within some file dialogs.
--Fixed GB memory viewer crash
--Fixed read-only toggle to refuse toggling when the movie file is not writable
--Fixed browse dialog filter selection crash
--Added "All Files" filter option to all browse dialogs
--Fixed movie drag & drop behavior.
--Fixed Reset/Cancel in the Directories dialog.
--Fixed compilation with SDL and gtk. Still malfunctioning.
--Fixed small bugs in Memory Viewer
--(Probably) the gbx SRAM issue ( issue 29 ) is now fixed.

--Unfreezed GBx "from SRAM" check for the time being. VBA now tells you that the feature might be problematic.
--Removed all the skin functions and CxImage?.
--Provided several options for what to do at movie end (buggy right now).

Download:Vba-ReRecording v22

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