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Classic99 v3.34 is released.Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 9x.

Classic99 runs most stuff fine:
- More filesystem debug
- Added ability to set Program Counter (disasm page)
- Added better description of file header mismatch
- Added better detection of TIFILES header
- Fixed broken host text file fixed/variable determination
- Commented out speech and dac warning debugs (they don't help)
- Print one less debug line to window to avoid last line being masked

Classic99 v3.34 Changelog:
# Moved several long-term user-carts into the Apps menu
# Added 'redraw' and 'clear' to the debug window
# Updated Breakpoint system with ability to specify memory ranges
# Changed breakpoint tag for timing code (now needs just one entry)
# Increased minimum sound jitter buffer to reduce garble
# Fix output when audio voice set to 0 (not flat)
# disable audio debug to disk (was not meant to be on!)
# (code) re-laid-out cartridge structs and created new breakpoint struct
# When config file not present, set up defaults for disks
# run audio and speech thread at higher priority
# change default 379 bank to last one
# made 'step over' not show the stepped over instructions in the debugger
# when system running very slow, don't update speech (temporary workaround)
# changed "slow cpu" to run as slow as possible (about 60hz right now)
# Made 99/4 not have a bitmap mode
# don't lose the current directory when saving a snapshot
# (code) changed nasm command line

Download: Classic99 v3.34

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