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EmuCR:PS2 emulatorPCSX2 SVN r2545 is released.PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 SVN Changelog:
Move a bit of code into the IopDmaStart function. In the rare case it caused any kind of noticeable slowdown (applies to the new dmac only, which is disabled by default), it could be easily reverted.
Committing some messed up partial memorycard options panel implementation... planning to redo it but I want this on record as a backup, just in case. (all disabled, so not much to look at and nothing changed in the emu itself yet)
Update the Linux project files. A few minor changes I had sitting around.
eh, oops. let's not clear memcard settings on ok/apply.

Download: PCSX2 SVN r2545
Download: Official Beta Plugins Pack [6 Sep 2009]

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