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EmuCR:WinDS PROWinDS PRO 2010.06 is released. WinDS PRO is a Nintendo DS & GameBoy Advance emulator package. This have NO$Zoomer, NO$GBA, NO$MOOZ, NOZ, myZOOM, NGZoom, NO$GBA 2X, iDeaS, DeSmuME, VBA Link & VBA-M.

Can open all NDS & GBA ROM files double-clicking the file icon with a selected emulator in the options / by default NO$Zoomer for NDS & VBA-M for GBA.

It's easy and free.

Download: WinDS PRO 2010.06


  1. WinDS contains the illegally leaked nogba i believe.

  2. WinDS Pro useless! NoGba is ILLEGAL!

  3. >implying you guys don't use it anyway


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