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EmuCR: AEONAEON v0.61 is released. Aeon is an application that allows you to run old 16-bit DOS applications in modern versions of Windows. It emulates much of the hardware of a PC with a 386 processor, including a VGA card, SoundBlaster card, General MIDI music device, and keyboard/mouse input. It also provides an implementation of most of the commonly-used DOS functions, mouse driver, and an expanded memory manager.

AEON Requirements
* Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
* 2GHz processor or equivalent (dual-core or better recommended)
* Direct3D-capable video card
* 16-bit real-mode DOS program to run
* Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (will be installed automatically if you don't already have it)

AEON v0.60 changelog

I figured it was finally time for a new build, so here’s what’s new:

* Switched to .NET framework 4
* Implemented x86 protected mode task switching support (Quake, CWSDPMI, C&C)
* Fixed bug with 80-bit operand floating point instruction decoding (XCOM)
* Added a few missing floating point instructions
* Tweaked DOS emulation to get programs compiled with DJGPP working (Quake)
* PIC now allows its base interrupt vector to be reprogrammed
* Rewrote address decoder to improve emulation performance
* Finally fixed issue preventing Borland’s RTM extender from working (Jazz Jackrabbit)
* Improved Sound Blaster DSP audio, should hopefully eliminate most of the playback glitches
* VGA LineCompare register is now properly emulated (Jazz Jackrabbit, Incredible Machine 2)
* Implemented instruction tracing for CPU trap flag (Second Reality – at least the menu loads now)
* Fixed bug in DOS EXE loader where maximum memory field was not respected
* Added support for ADPCM compressed playback on Sound Blaster (Traffic Department 2192)

This is pretty much a compatibility and performance update with no new application features. There’s still a lot of open issues I’m looking into, but this should be faster and more stable than 0.60.

Download: AEON v0.61

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