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edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin 0.30 is released. This is a Russian GPU plugin for Sony PlayStation emulators.

edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin main features:
– Interlace mode emulation;
– Screen settings emulation;
– Final Fantasy 8 pre battle effect emulation;
– Pixel perfect geometry ( I hope. :) );
Other features:
– 24-bit renderer;
– Support for gpuPeteOGL2 shaders ( Highly experimental. );
– Fullscreen filters;
– Increased internal resolution. ( It's still experimental. Bugs possible. );
– High precision GPU commands emulation;
– Correct polygon cutting;
– Precise dithering;
Known issues:
– Possible aspect ratio errors.

edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin 0.30 Changelog:
– Fixed the flickering stripes on the edges, which are visible when using hi-res filters or bilinear interpolation;
– Rewritten the way of drawing the picture, now the picture should have the correct aspect ratio and visible area ( Capcom fightings );
– Added an ability to choose the deinterlacing method;
– Improved the renderer's work in high resolutions, internal resolution can be set to 4x now;
– FPS limitation algorithm was rewritten;
– "Fake 'gpu busy' state" feature was added;
– Added an ability to move and zoom the picture;
– Crosshairs for lightgun games added;
– Small bugfixes and improvements.

Download: edgbla's Software Rendering Plugin 0.30

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  1. asks for

    Ive put em both but it still wants the second one even that its there...

  2. http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gtk-win/gtk2-runtime-2.16.6-2010-05-12-ash.exe?download


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