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Rom Collection Browser v0.5.4 is released. Rom Collection Browser is xbmc script for browsing and launching emulator roms.

Current features:
* configure script behaviour and pathes to your rom collections via xml file
* simple but configurable description file parser: can read and import different description file formats (only simple multiline text files atm)
* filter your games by console, genre, release year and publisher
* view different images per game, a short game plot, additional game properties and videos
* provides three different views of the main window (Info, Info 2, Thumbs) and one Game Details page
* launch roms with an external emulator
* support for multi rom games (typical amiga scenario)
* launch emulator in solo mode (Windows and Linux): quits XBMC before the emulator is launched and returns to XBMC when you quit the emulator, automatically returns to Rom Collection Browser via autoexec.py and restores your last view state (selected filter settings and last selected control).
* configurable image placing: you can configure the file types that are shown in the different image controls
* dynamic image types: you can define your own image types (e.g. ingame screenshots, title screenshots, ...) and use this categories to configure image placing

Download: Rom Collection Browser v0.5.4

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