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Jspeccy v0.88 is released. Jspeccy is a new version of the ZX Spectrum emulator in Java.

06/01/2011: Finally another update JSpeccy!. Although my intention was to start last September to look at the disk controller emulation of +3, various personal issues prevented me. And when I least expected to get my hands on a new set of guys Retroworks, the excellent Genesis: dawn of a new day . When you load the game something not block me. That tone begins with the intro music is a tad strange. Try another emulator and, indeed, something that I thought it was already surpassed as is the sound chip emulation is a problem. Anyone who has ever developed and know what comes next: p'arriba code, code p'abajo. Well, I like it I do not see anything. Days of hitting around the bush, debugging to see what the hell does the game with the AY that makes my emulation is not up to it. Sigueron days of perplexity, not knowing what to do nor where to throw or watch. Changes a little tun-tun to try to jump the hare. In one of those changes hunted the hare ... or so I thought. That would be around November. Since then many hours of work, testing, research and coding have been changes to some other parts of the code, as that is the audio frames or emulating the beeper. In short, not to bore the new features are:

Improved emulation AY sound chip-3-8912. This includes the possibility of selecting the configuration dialog sound quality, among normal quality (default) and high quality. The default quality is good enough and requires less CPU, so it is thought of more modest computers. The high quality equivalent to having the emulator in earlier versions, but with improvements that allow not only hear well Retroworks game, but also digitized voices of the principle of departure and return to the menu of Robocop. Should delete the configuration file is created again with the option of sound quality.

Fixed a bug in the emulation of white noise AY
Filtering to improve the sound beeper removing extraneous effects.
Improved handling of audio frames to avoid excessive flushes buffer damaged the sound, especially in more modest computers that only have one CPU.
Changed the treatment of certain parts of the keyboard. The key is emulating May Caps-Shift and Alt-Shift to Symbol. Control keys now emulate the joystick fire button, instead of the Delete key as before. The change was necessary, among other things, because the MacOS-X users have the Delete function as a combination of keys. In general, users of MacOS-X should use a Look & Feel different than it takes by default the Java virtual machine on a Mac, because the dialog box for opening files on Mac does not carry the text field that allows you to type the name of file and, without this functionality can not create a new tape.
Interface II ROMs are emulated mode also 128k / +2
Fixed a bug that affected the model's default selection +2 A. Thanks to Andrew Owen for reporting this error.

I can not finish this update without thanking Vaporatorius, once again, the invaluable and patient help I have given him and his ears are obviously better than mine. AY emulation would not be decent without your help as beta testers. I owe you a bottle of Chivas. ;-)
Oh, and Happy Three Kings Day everyone. :)

EmuCR: Jspeccy
Download: Jspeccy v0.88
Source: Here

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