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PSP3D.prx v0.1 is released. PSP3D.prx is a plugin that allows you to enter the stereoscopic effect in the current PSP 3D anaglyph red / cyan.

PSP3D.prx v0.1 Changelog:
- Ability to configure the 3D effect (by cfg file)
- Added compatibility with Prince Of Persia - Revelations
- Added compatibility with Prince Of Persia - Rival Swords

1. Download the archive PSP3D.prx.rar
2. Unpack it in the root directory of the Memory Stick
3. In the folder seplugins edit (or create if not present) the file GAME.TXT inserting the following:
ms0: / seplugins/psp3d.prx 1
4. Start the game.
5. Activate the plugin by pressing the "Note"

Activate the plugin in the file VSH.txt, you can view the 3D effect in the XMB.
To activate it you must press the "Note" and the key home

Download: PSP3D.prx v0.1

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