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EmuCR: FBANext-PS3FBANext-PS3 SVN r423 Custom v2 is released. FBANext-PS3 is a FBANext for PS3. FBANext (Final Burn Alpha) is a multi arcade emulator based on the source code for Final Burn. FBANext is a native port on the Xbox 360 Platform. A port to the PS3 console is currently underway. The goal is to have one source repository for both systems.

These are the currently emulated systems:
- Capcom CPS-1
- Capcom CPS-2
- Capcom CPS-3
- Cave
- Neo Geo
- Sega System 16 (and similar), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board
- Toaplan
- Taito
- Psikyo 68EC020 based hardware
- misc stuff the authors like

FBANext-PS3 SVN r423 Changelog:
* Core - updated fm.c fmopl.c with to match latest mame.
* PS3 - added triple buffer option (check options to toggle). Triple buffering
will be stored in xml

* A much faster graphics driver - try CPS3 and CPS2 games and feel and see the difference in terms of speed. Most of the input lag noticed by experienced arcade players should be mostly gone now.
* Triple-buffering is hardforced to be enabled by default - together with the new graphics driver makes the framerate very fast.
* Sysutil OSD is used for some parts of the In-Game menu, such as saving a savestate, saving a button preset, or generating a clrmame.dat file, and so on.

Changelog for custom r423:
* New input code
* HD shaders – as with SNES9x PS3, 4xSoft-HD looks the best

Download: FBANext-PS3 SVN r423 Custom v2
Source: Here

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  1. ok I understand it's a file FBA ps3 next ps3?

    to help me?: (

    eg how to use it if I did not ps3 console?
    It's an emulator?
    ... and if you ask me centimeters
    please how do I use? please

  2. How can I use it?
    does not have exe.? icon?

  3. how can I make the game Halo 3 for Microsoft Xbox360 console play for My PC?exist?a emulator for this it?

    please talk me?......???boys?:((

  4. dont think halo3 exist.


  6. How do i use this emulator???

    is on usb, hdd, cd, dvd???

    please live a guide pls


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