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EmuCR :MakaronEXMakaronEX v3.2 is released. MakaronEX is a a special buid of the original emulator Makaron (Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI videogame systems emulator). MakaronEX has a comfortable and intuitive interface, supports some additional features that were not available to the original version of the emulator.

EmuCR: MakaronEX

MakaronEX v3.2 Changelog:
- Added region autoselect feature for Dreamcast
- Fixed bug NAOMI controls, when keyboard activated by self
- Corrected statuses and comments for some games in gamelist

Download: MakaronEX v3.2
Source: Here

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  1. Thanks, a little suggest for the next version: an option to show the fps executing a game.

  2. what are minimum requirements for 2d naomi games at playable speed ?

  3. To show the FPS,start your game, then press f11 and drop down to "Speed stats", then set in ON

  4. Is there an option to manage the sound settings (buffer size)??

  5. hello and thanks for your hard works
    can you please do somthing about sky of arcadia menu bug
    this game is nearly perfect in this emulator
    is there any option for vertical synce?
    i remmember in all dc emulator there is problem glith in graphic and in world map could you please solve this problems i just use dc emulator for this game


  6. Menu bug is caused by damaged flash-Datei (e.g. dreamcast_flash_usa.bin).

    Dont use VMUs created with NullDC. Transfer savegames with the internal tool to y NEW untouched makaron VMU.

    Replace "dreamcast_flash_usa.bin" with a absolutely NEW and untouched dreamcast_flash_usa.bin and everything will be fine.

    Whenever the menu-bug in Skies appears, the flash has been damaged again. This can happen, specially if you use downloaded VMU of VMU Files created with NULLDC.

  7. I haven't used nulldc. I downloaded makaronex from here, ran Skies of arcadia, and I got the menu bug. I'll try with another flash file.

  8. MakaronEX' USA flash file is corrupted. Please fix it.

  9. Good continuation !!

  10. It's true, I've checked it.

  11. slow make it faster , at least for 2d games speed can be improved I believe

  12. I loved how this emu looks. Maybe you can do it for nullDC too? The VMU at the top of screen its a great idea

    The only problem is that the emu is a little slow. Running it on a Dual core PC with ATI HD2400 and 2GB I had some performance problems with Skies of Arcadia

    It also crashed when I left the menu

    Thank you

  13. I can't run anything with this emulator. I get a black screen after selecting the date twice and play.

    I'm using selfboot images and the flash.bin included in the pack.

    Please, help!


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