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EmuCR:Wave RoarThanks Lainz for submitting news
Wave Roar 2011.2 is released. Wave Roar is an emulator Package for Windows. Now translated into English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Dutch.

Wave Roar 2011.2
Wave Roar es un Pack de Emuladores para Windows.

Ahora con el nuevo estilo Aero Glass en los bordes de la ventana que se ve excelente en Windows 7.
EmuCR:Wave Roar

The new version adds more options to search with Google, such as searching GameFAQs, GameSpot, Wikipedia.

EmuCR:Wave Roar
Fixed a problem that did not allow to open the Game Boy Advance ROMs from Windows Explorer and now you can drag and drop ROMs Roar Wave window to open them quickly!

Updating the DeSmuME emulator, dolphin, FCEUX, pcsx2, pcsxr and PCSP.

Wave Roar 2011.2 Changelog:
- New "Aero Glass" style
- New Google Search options
- Fix: Open GBA ROMs from Explorer
- Updated: desmume, dolphin, fceux, pcsx2, pcsxr & pcsp.

Download: Wave Roar 2011.2
Download: Wave Roar 2011.2 Source Code
Source: Here

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