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EmuCR: HalfNESHalfNES v0.029 is released. HalfNES is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System, written in Java. Currently, it only runs as a standalone Java SE application.

Current Features:
- Supports Mapper 0,1,2,3 games
- SRAM saving works now
- Accurate sound core
- Cross-platform portable

HalfNES v0.029 Changelog:
-Rewrote the CPU timing system, so the NES's timing is a lot more accurate
(and faster as well; eliminated about 2 million unnecessary method calls per
frame, which means that I get about 40 extra FPS.)
-Added support for Mapper 11 (Color Dreams)
-Mapper fixes to Mappers 1 and 4 (Fixed Dragon Warrior 3 + 4, Kickle Cubicle)
-Added a proper error message for trying to load a UNIF file.

Download: HalfNES v0.029
Source: Here

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