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EmuCR: CXMBCXMB for 3.71-6.60 v2 is released. CXMB is a custom firmware plugin that allows users to install custom XMB themes in CTF format straight from Memory Stick. An Asian developer known as Patpat has released a version of the popular plugin CXMB (Custom XMB) compatible with 6.20 TN-A. This plugin will allow users using the HEN to install custom .ctf themes instead of the regular old PSP theme or other official themes.

Here the instructions for enabling the CXMB plugin:
1. Download the archive to view news and unpack in the root directory of the Memory Stick
2. In the seplugins folder (or plugins on CF 6.35PRO) edit (or create if not present) vsh.txt the file by entering the following string: ms0: / CXMB / 1 or cxmb.prx EF0: / CXMB / 1 for cxmb.prx PSP owners Go!

The themes in CTF format should be stored in ms0: / PSP / THEME

CXMB for 3.71-6.60 v2 Changelog:
- Added support for Neur0ns 6.60 ME CFW.
- Little bugfix. (*Update*)
* poison - original cxmb
* patpat mod for 3.71 - 6.37 <2011-02-19>
* neur0n mod for 6.39
* frostegater mod for 6.60

Download: CXMB for 3.71-6.60 v2
Source: Here

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