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Pasofami v1.6e is released. Pasofami a japanese NES, SNES And GameBoy emulator.

Pasofami v1.6e Changelog:

NSF (Nes Sound File) added a new fast track every batch conversion feature.
• The previous "automatic batch creation feature NSF" was added, and this created a batch NSF
Each track is divided into WAV, MP3, added the ability to automatically convert MID files faster.
NSF file to extract from a specified folder, you select only the NSF files and convert file formats at high speed specified for each song once.
• The conversion process for the conversion process performed in parallel to start the boot process only up to a specified number of minutes by Pasofami
The process starts with the minute compared to how to convert a process, because it is much faster speed.
• The conversion format WAV, MP3, you can choose three types of MID.

"FDS mass conversion to the NES" Added a new.
20 · NES mapper file format (disk system) file format for the NES FDS file.
How that transformation is to create a new file is converted FDS, NES existing files are not deleted in the.
When you specify the folder where the file being • Conversion of the NES, all contained under the
The list to be converted to extract the files only by the NES mapper 20.
• The FDS converted files are written to a new folder in the NES FDS file extension
NES and either write a new file or folder that you specified otherwise, you could choose.
What is good in the same location as the NES operational files, or see the document where only a summary or FDS
Freedom of operation.
The conversion is initiated by pressing a button • Conversion, NES is nearly 200 files in seconds
FDS file is converted to
Checking to see if it works correctly • The FDS file was converted to the corresponding row in the list file conversion
If you double-click it to launch the specified emulator, you can see what happens.

Download: Pasofami v1.6e
Source: Here

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