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EmuCR: 1964mod1964mod v1.4.6 beta v.2 is released. 1964mod is a N64 emulator using the codes from original 1964 by Schibo & Rice. It is not created as a replacement to the original 1964 emulator. Hopefully, its enhancement will benefit people who loves the original 1964. 1964mod is currently at an early stage of experimentation & development. It is used as a learning platform to improve my programming knowledge and skills.

1964mod v1.4.6 beta v.2 Changlog:
Core Changes & Fixes
Standardized naming from 1964 to 1964mod for future source release
- update 'About" box text and English.lgm
- update copyright text etc
- update ini keynames etc
- update the following with new name:
* 1964modCore.ini
* 1964mod.cht
Re-write the handling of MusyX ucode passed from 1964Audio
- filter out MusyX "false positives" not detected correctly using old method
- remove manual bypass in game settings for "false positives" e.g.
* Pokemon Stadium 2, Star Fox(U), South Park Rally, BassMaster2000, Power Rangers
Re-write part of VIInterrupt
- refactor screen update refresh codes to reduce frame swap delay
* Star Wars - Shadow of Empire, Hexen, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, DK64, Top Gear - OverDrive
- fix certain missing frame by detecting framebuffer read/write by CPU e.g. DK64, Hexen, Starcraft
- Zilmar Audio will now run with double the speed for most games
* use "AutoSync" on "Max VI Limit" for normal full VI/s speed
** Games playable with "Read Every Frame" (F6 hotkey) set as default in ini e.g.
** Mario Golf - sound is still good
*** Body Harvest - game menu is slow but in-game is full speed, good sound
*** MarioKart - sound is still good
*** Ridge Racer - game menu is slow but in-game is playable, sound is still good
Plugin Changes & Fixes
Re-write the MusyX ucode detection that pass to the emu core
- 1964modAud v3.0 is no longer Zilmar spec compliance
- fix missing audio for MusyX loadstate
- fix random lost of audio for MusyX games during in-game e.g. Tarzan
- fix 1964modAud regression for BassMasters2000 & Power Rangers
- games detected as MusyX e.g.
* Gauntlet Legends, Hydro Thunder, Resident Evil 2, Rush 2049, Tarzan, TWINE
* Fighting Force 64 (???)
Re-write audio fillbuffer selection algorithm and refactor related portion of fillbuffer codes
Fix audio bug that breaks game loadstate audio when AI_LEN_REG=0 do a return
Incorporate official Glide64 fixes till r254 to MyGlide64
Other Changes & Fixes
Fix plugin menu option "not grayed" when plugin is not found / loaded by load plugin function
Fix load RSP plugin bug even if it is available
- make Zilmar RSP.dll as default RSP plugin

Download: 1964mod v1.4.6 beta v.2
Source: Here

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