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MAMEHub v0.6a is released. MAMEHub is a portal where ClientServerMAME/ClientServerMESS players can log in and arrange matches with other players. It handles versioning, matchmaking, and publicising of matches.

MAMEHub v0.6a Changelog:
- Performance improvements
* Input queue and input player mask now uses an array instead of a hash table
* Input arrays are preallocated to avoid expensive reallocs
* There's still more to do here, expect another update, but expect a significant improvement already
- Game search box
* Now you can type a search query into the text box below the game tree in the "host game" section to filter for specific games so you don't have to find them in your list of 40,000 games :-P
- Amiga support
* MAMEHub now supports loading and running Amiga programs.
- GUI Bug fixing
* A failure during rom download no longer hangs mamehub
* Fixed a bug where downloading a rom too fast caused the download to fail

Download: MAMEHub v0.6a
Source: Here

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