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EmuCR: PantheonPantheon v0.320 is released. Pantheon is Windows desktop application with collection of games for video consoles and home computers from the past. The games are not the part of the application, instead they will be downloaded (with the game manual or review - if available) from the internet, after you activate the game. Downloaded files are stored on the local file system and will be available offline the next time you wish to play the game. Finally, the program file is loaded into the memory and executed inside the emulator. Current version has emulator of Atari 2600 with collection of 170 games, emulator of Atari 5200 with collection of 50 games and emulator of Atari 8-bit computers with collection of 26 games.

Pantheon is still in development, new features and games are added almost every day. But you may experience occasional artifacts or crashes during the gameplay, and game snapshots may not be available in the following releases.

Pantheon v0.320 Changelog:
-Atari 7800 emulator: first release, does not support games that require Light gun or POKEY chip
-games for Atari 7800: Asteroids, Alien Brigade, Basketbrawl, Centipede, Cracked, Desert Falcon, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Food Fight, Galaga, Hat Trick, Ikari Warriors, Impossible Mission, Jinks, Karateka, Klax, Mean 18 Ultimate Golf, Midnight Mutants, Ninja Golf, One-on-One, Planet Smashers, Plutos, Realsports Baseball, Robotron, Scrapyard Dog, Sirius, Title Match Pro Wrestling, Touchdown Football, Water Ski, Winter Games, Xenophobe, Xevious

Download: Pantheon v0.320
Source: Here

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