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EmuCR: WinFellowWinFellow Alpha v0.4.4 Build 4 is released. WinFellow is a high performance Amiga Emulator primarily targeted for Windows. It's distinguished API and core does however allow a fairly easy port to other OS.

The snapshot release of WinFellow makes it possible to boot the AROS adf-image. AROS is a lightweight, efficient and flexible desktop operating system. In regard to WinFellow alpha v0.4.4 build 3, the improvements are:

1. Fixed hangup of WinFellow when booting AROS adf-image 'bootdisk-amiga-m68k.adf' of 2011-11-14.

Fixed hang up on bit 'serial port ready', allowing the AROS adf-image to boot succesfully.

It is a tiny update indeed!

Download: WinFellow Alpha v0.4.4 Build 4

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  1. good to see this emulator resurrected after so many years

  2. Damn i haven't used this in a looong time.


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