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zBoy v0.51 is released. zBoy is a multiplatform GameBoy emulator that provides a load/save feature, can perform PCX screenshots either manually or automatically (every few seconds) and emulates an internal battery for ROMs that were designed to use one (this allows to use the internal save option provided by such games, remember highest scores, etc).

zBoy supports some additionnal features, too, like intelligent saving of hi-scores for some games that aren't able to save their hi-scores table by themselves because of the lack of a battery-backed RAM on the cartridge, and improving screen's resolution output using graphic algorithms like Scale2x, Scale3x, eagle... Here you can see a comparison between graphic algorithms supported by zBoy. This is also one of the very few GameBoy emulators that provides a 2-gameboys link emulation, which makes it possible to play some games in 2-players mode on a LAN.

zBoy allows to play GameBoy games using a keyboard or a joypad (or both). The emulator is available for Linux, DOS and Windows (but should compile for other systems without much headache as well).

zBoy v0.51 Changelog:
- Fixed a bug in the emulation of the "POP AF" CPU instruction (was wrongly setting the F register),
- Fixed a bug in the emulation of the "DAA" CPU instruction,
- Fixed a bug in the emulation of RR and RL CPU instructions (the flag Z must be set accordingly to the result),
- Fixed a bug in the emulation of "LD HL,SP+n" and "ADD SP,n" CPU instructions (wrong update of Carry and Half Carry flags),
- Fixed a bug in the command line parameters parser, that could lead to crash of the emulator in case of incorrect parameters passed to zBoy,
- Added a micro tile cache to the backgroung generation engine,
- Added the --nocpuidle option to make zBoy not idling the CPU when having some spare time (this option might give better results on hi-latency systems),
- Added EXPERIMENTAL support for serial link emulation (two player mode over network) - this feature is in early alpha stage, so not rock stable yet (it also requires a very good network connectivity between both peers), successfully tested on Tetris, Tetris 2, Tetris Blast, Kwirk and Dr. Mario,
- Replaced the --skipframes option by --limitfps (allows to limit the FPS emulation rendering in the range 1..60 FPS),
- General code optimizations - the emulation speed has increased about 15x (Super Mario Land passed from 80 to 1200 FPS on my laptop),
- Heavy code cleanup to make zBoy compiling without warnings in -pedantic mode.

EmuCR: zBoy

Download: zBoy v0.51
Source: Here

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