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Amigula v1.5.10.8 Beta is released. AMI.G.U.LA. (Amiga Games UAE Launcher) is a Windows application (Mac and Linux ports are scheduled to follow), allowing you to manage and enjoy your Amiga games collection. You can scan for your games, add them in a library, search for them, view their screenshots, listen to their music and of course, launch them in WinUAE so you can play them!.

Amigula v1.5.10.8 Beta Changelog:
- New: Fetch game metadata (Screenshots, Genre, Year, Publisher) from the web and store them locally for each game.
- New: Remove individual games from the Database.
- Auto-detect and use AmigaForever content (ROMs, WinUAE, paths) if it’s installed.
- Mark games as Favorites to find them easier in the list.
- Add custom notes for each game.
- Keep statistics on games played (Times played, Date last played, Most played, Never played).
- Filter games based on statistics or Favorite status.
- Button to Edit or Create New UAE configs from within Amigula (launches WinUAE).
- Extra columns added for game metadata like Publisher, Genre and custom Notes.
- Recursive folder scanning for your games. Supported formats are IPF, ADF, ADZ, ZIP, DMS.
- Storage of all game titles found in a local SQL database.
- Use screenshots and music from GameBase Amiga, if found. They are displayed on the right hand side for each game. You can easily add missing screenshots/music by just placing them in the corresponding folder with the game title in the filename.
- Launch the selected game in WinUAE (with the selected UAE configuration) with a simple double-click.
- Music playback using the bundled XMPlay player, or alternatively DeliPlayer2 if it’s found installed.
- Search for selected game in well-known related websites (LemonAmiga, Hall Of Light).
- Live filtering of games from the list, depending on your search text.
- Multi-disk game handling (utilizing the DiskSwapper feature of WinUAE).
- Option to show only unique game Titles (default) or all files found.

EmuCR: Amigula

Download: Amigula v1.5.10.8 Beta
Source: Here

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