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EMU v1.01 (2013/01/13) is released. EMU emulates Agat-7, Apogee, Bashkiria-2M rom, Bashkiria-2M disk, BK-0010, BK-0010_01, BK-0010fdd, Irisha, Korvet, Lik, Lik2, Lvov, Mikro-80, Mikrosha, Mikrosha (cas), NuPogodi, Orion-128, Orion-128 Z80 HDD, Orion-128z80-Card-ll, Orion-Pro, Orion-Pro 2, Partner, PK-6128c, PK8000 KDOS, PK8000 Sura and Xobbi, PK8000 Sura and Xobbi (cas), PK8000 Vesta, PK8000 Vesta (cas), Radio-86RK, Radio-86RK (cas), Radio-86RK 4K, Radio-86RK color, Radio-86RK ordos, Radio-86RK romdisk, Specialist, SpecialistMX, SpecialistRamfos, Spektr-001, Unior, UT88, UT88 (cas), Vector06c, Vector06c-z80, Vector-1200, Vesta, Vesta (cas), ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 128 (cas) ZX Spectrum 48 and ZX Spectrum 48 (cas).

EMU v1.01 (2013/01/13) Changelog:
- readded changes removed in previous version;
- added separate config for Ocean-240.

Download: EMU v1.01 (2013/01/13)
Source: Here

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