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Big Blue (2014/05/11) is released. Big Blue is a frontend for any command line program (MAME or any game) that works on any setup. You can use it with an arcade cabinet with a 15khz arcade monitor or a desktop computer with a 3840x2160 monitor.

What's unique about this frontend is that the frontend itself is a video game. Player 1 and 2 can fight each other to determine who gets to select the game.

See Big Blue in action here:

Big Blue's night theme:

* FREE! Source code available on request; let me know if you find problems or want to make improvements
* Fully playable mini-game built into the frontend; George and R9-A fight each other for control over the game selection
* Supports any program that you can run from the command line; if you can run it from the command line, you can launch it from Big Blue
* Easy and simple game list configuration that won't have to be changed continually with each new version of an emulator
* Runs at any resolution or aspect ratio (320x240 all the way up to 3840x2160 have been tested)
* Theme that changes depending on the time of day
* Pixel shader effects
* Full sound and music
* Built-in screensaver with a configurable timer
* Ability to shutdown or restart computer when exiting the frontend
* Configurable frontend controls

Pixel shaders now run on a separate thread.
Coming out of the screen saver now recalculates the time of day and updates the theme if necessary.

Pausing the frontend while a new challenger is joining the game no longer causes the "PRESS START" text to appear during a fight.
Pausing and unpausing the frontend while a new challenger is joining the game no longer causes the animation frames to cycle.
Added a new sound effect for George getting shot by R9-A.
Fixed a minor alignment issue with the life bars at 1600x1200 resolution.

Added a screen shaking effect when George hits the ground.
Added a new sound effect for George hitting the ground.
Shooting George while he's spectating/foreground fighters are in the middle of a combo no longer makes George display the wrong animation while he's falling.
Fixed a texture alignment issue with the life bars at 800x600 resolution.

Download: Big Blue (2014/05/11)
Source: Here

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