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As previously announced, I have devoted this week to updating two games from Nintendo's Game & Watch Wide Screen series. One of them was previously released under the old "standard", over ten years ago. I felt the time had come to better it with more realistic graphics and sound, also making it fully playable on MAME cabinets.

One game is Snoopy Tennis, and the other one is Parachute, also with enhanced graphics and sound.

Lastly, I'm releasing my very first DATfile for use with ClrMamePro.

This is the lists of new files:

- Snoopy Tennis (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
- Parachute (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.05 (Standard 4, various optimizations) + source code

- MADrigal CD Collection ver. 59.3
- ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20140512 [59.3]

Grab all the new files from the usual page.

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