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EmuCR: AlmostTIAlmostTI v2.4 for Android is released. AlmostTI turns your Android device into a Texas Instruments graphing calculator. It fully emulates TI-85, TI-86, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-83+ Silver Edition, TI-84+ Silver Edition, and TI-73 calculators made by Texas Instruments. And yes, if you have got a tablet, that will be a really BIG calculator. AlmostTI also lets you save your calculations at any point and then select from several previously saved tasks.

To run AlmostTI, you will need at least one calculator system ROM. AlmostTI does not include any calculator ROMs on its own, as they are intellectual property of Texas Instruments. You should place your own ROM, preferably dumped from the calculator you own, onto your internal storage. AlmostTI recognizes following ROM files (in upper case):

AlmostTI v2.4 for Android Changelog:
* Eliminated defunct processes left after quitting AlmostTI.
* Reduced calculator launch time by optimizing utility library.
* Killed timer thread remaining after stopping emulation.
* Only starting Google Analytics tracker when needed.
* Keeping just one instance of Google Analytics tracker.
* Removed AdMob library, as AlmostTI is not running any ads.
* Removed unused and outdated code, resources and bitmaps.

EmuCR: AlmostTI
EmuCR: AlmostTI
EmuCR: AlmostTI

Download: AlmostTI v2.4 for Android
Source: Here

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