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EmuCR: JnesJnes v1.4.10.58 for Android is released. Jnes is a NES emulator that brings the console experience to your Android device. It is a port of the popular Jnes for Windows emulator, developed over many years, containing the same high quality emulation core and many of the same features.

• Fast emulation, natively compiled, great battery life
• Enjoyable user interface for phones and tablets
• NTSC and PAL support
• On screen multi-touch gamepad
• Stereo Sound
• Key remapping for external input devices such as the Sony Xperia
• Save progress with instant save states

Jnes v1.4.10.58 for Android Changelog:
• fixed gingerbread compatibility hopefully
• improved touch gamepad responsiveness
• changed default save location to application data because of kitkat (old saves will still be loaded)
• added long click menu to external device mappings with clear option
• added fast forward speed option
• added touch gamepad customization dialog

EmuCR: Jnes
EmuCR: Jnes
EmuCR: Jnes

Download: Jnes v1.4.10.58 for Android
Source: Here

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