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EmuCR: MESSinfo.datMESSinfo.dat v0.155 is released. detailed mess game information (including version added, number of players, game status, cpu/audio chips, display info and maws hall of fame ratings). Provides Recommended Games for GameEx.

MESSinfo.dat v0.155 Changelog:

* 8.09 18/10/2014: Aligned files to 0.155 version. Updated this files: 'sourcechanges.txt', 'changelog.txt', 'alltimesMESS_WIP.txt' and 'Drivers SVN...txt'. Updated the SVN until October 15, 2014 (r31761). Updated presence of software lists (64% right). Updated 'Index of Devices'.
* 8.08 13/10/2014: Added many driver set from (msx.c). Updated the SVN until October 13, 2014 (r32705).
* 8.07 12/09/2014: Updated the SVN until September 12, 2014 (r32078).

Download: MESSinfo.dat v0.155
Source: Here

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