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EmuCR: VGBAVirtual GameBoy Advance v4.6.1 for Android is released. Virtual GameBoy Advance (VGBA) is a program that emulates Nintendo's GameBoy Advance on your computer. It runs GameBoy Advance games on PCs, PDAs, or just about any other sufficiently fast computer. It also helps debugging GameBoy Advance software without using a costly development system.

Virtual GameBoy Advance v4.6.1 for Android Changelog:
* Fixed crash when opening menu on Android 2.x/3.x
* Added Cheat Hunter tool letting you search for new cheat codes.
* Start by selecting "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Add Watch".
* Enter the value to search, how it changes, and the replacement value.
* Play the game to make watched value change.
* Use "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Scan for Changes" to find changed memory locations.
* May repeat previous two steps a few times.
* Use "Cheats | Cheat Hunter | Create Cheats" to add and enable found cheats.


Download: Virtual GameBoy Advance v4.6.1 for Android
Source: Here

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