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EmuCR:FBZXFBZX-Wii v14.0 is released. Port of ZX Spectrum emulator FBZX to Wii. FBZX is a Sinclair Spectrum emulator, designed to work at full screen using the FrameBuffer or under X-Windows.

FBZX-Wii v14.0 Changelog:
- Added RZX support (play, record, add bookmark, edit, browsing) in tool menu
- Preview screen auto extracted from tap, tzx, sna, z80 and rzx files
- Left and right togle preview windows
- Horizontally scrolling menu
- Last selected file remebered in the menu
- Extended z80 file format to +2, +3, +2a models
- Added AY info emulation in z80 file format
- Z80 file compression (v2.0) for both 48k and 128k models
- Fixed bug in z80 decompression algorithm

Download: FBZX-Wii v14.0
Source: Here

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