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EmuCR: MEWUIMEWUI for MAME v1.63 is released. MEWUI is intended as an simple extension of the internal UI of MAME, whose main characteristic lies in viewing the complete games list.

MEWUI for MAME v1.63 Changelog:

Fixed custom colors menu.
Added save for machine type filter.
Added "ALT-E" keys shortcut to export list of machines displayed in the main menu.
Removed grouped and audit options from menu.
Added keys shortcut F1 (audit only unavailable) and F1 + LSHIFT (audit alls) for roms audit.
Audit roms saved and reloaded to/from file until MEWUI version match.
Added folders scan for checking availables in softwares list.
Category filter list is now sorted for parent/clones.
Updated to MAME 0.163.
Minor fixes.


Download: MEWUI for MAME v1.63 x86
Download: MEWUI for MAME v1.63 x64
Source: Here

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