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EmuCR: VGBAnextVGBAnext v1.3.4 is released. VGBAnext emulates GBA, GBC, and GB handheld gaming consoles and their addons, such as tilt sensors, vibration packs, printers, and cheating devices. VGBAnext is specifically opimized for Android devices and comes with cheats for dozens of popular games. It lets you save game progress at any moment, or even rewind gameplay back in time. You can exchange saved game states with other users, or play together by using the network play. VGBAnext supports GoogleTV and a variety of gamepads, including Xperia Play, Moga, iCade, Wiimote, Sixaxis, Nyko PlayPad, and others.
* Supports full screen landscape and portrait modes, with many special effect options and customizable skin.
* Supports Moga and iCade gamepads, Nyko PlayPad, Xperia Play, Wiimote and Sixaxis.
* Supports GoogleTV devices running Android 4.x (Jelly Bean), such as LG G2/G3.
* The built-in Cheatopedia offers cheat codes for dozens of popular games.
* Save gameplay at any point and go back to that point once your character gets killed.
* Rewind gameplay 16 seconds back with a single keypress.
* Share your current progress with other users via State Exchange feature.
* Use Network Play to play with other users over WiFi.
* Play with your hardware keyboard, gamepad, touch screen, or accelerometer.
* Record game soundtrack to MIDI files and use them as ringtones.
* On-screen buttons can be freely rearranged.

VGBAnext v1.3.4 Changelog:
* Super GameBoy games can now be played with two gamepads.
* To play together, connect both gamepads before starting VGBAnext.
* Fixed Joystick Layout Editor to properly show labels and gravity.
* Added cheats for two Pirates Of The Caribbean games.
* Added cheats for two Pitfall games.
* Added cheats for Oddworld: Munch's Oddyssee.
* Added cheats for Operation Armored Liberty.
* Added cheats for Planet Monsters.
* Added cheats for Planet Of The Apes.

EmuCR: VGBAnext
EmuCR: VGBAnext

Download: VGBAnext v1.3.4
Source: Here

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  1. So why would one pick this over MyBoy, GBA.emu and so forth?

  2. Why would someone ask such a stupid question? Clearly you know nothing about emulation. Do some research ... this emulator isn't as good (yet?) as the emulators you used. Perhaps one day but not yet. Not all emulator authors work together on the same projects.


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