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EmuCR: RacerMAMERacerMAME v0.160 is released. RacerMAME is a command line M.A.M.E. derivate work designed to best fit your Arcade Racing Cabinet needs. RacerMAME is based on MAME 0.106 sources.

- Specifically modified inputs for all Arcade shifters (Hi/Lo, Lo/Hi, sequential) compatibility
- Pre-set steering parameters in accordance to the manual or genuine Arcade machines (when possible)
- New options:
"joy_saturation": advanced control over steering angle saturation
"geartype": set this accordingly to your shifter (2 ways, 2 ways reversed or sequential)
"steertype": automatic set of DIP switches on games supporting both the hardwares (opti and pot)
- No warnings, game info and disclaimers on startup (exept some first-run input hints)
- Easier inputs (TAB) configuration
- Default options pre-set for best Arcade emulation and speed
- Updated drivers (when possible)

RacerMAME160 is a MAME derivate work especially tuned to be used
in Genuine Arcade Racing Cabinets.

It contains various patches and some original work. Here are the main features:

- No nag screen /white screen patch applied (BYOAC forum patch)

- Hiscore support (MKChamp patch, BYOAC forum)

- Groovy MAME diff (Calamity patch, BYOAC forum)

- WEC Le Mans start button lamp and vibrator motor, Special Criminal Investigation
vibrator motor, hotchase vibrator motor, double axle vibrator
motor, chase bombers vibrator motor and various lamps hooked up
(derived from bdam mods for MAME 0.142u4, BYOAC forum)

- Virtual key-press made effective (used for H2Seq compatibility)

- new Hi/Lo shifter position icon (CShifter in video TAB menu,
see artwork folder)

- Other changes and fixes (added PORT_TOGGLE to Konami GT, corrected
a typo in powerdrift outputs definitions, made sci and clones actually
compatible with 270?steering wheels, fixed groundfx accelerator bug)

To compile RacerMAME160 you need to patch the official MAME0.160 sources
with (in order):

- MKChamp Hiscore patch;
- Calamity GroovyMAME patch;
- RacerMaME160 patch.

Known bugs:

- TAB menu video options are saved in first instance, but overwritten
after 2 runs of the game. To avoid this, change your settings, exit the
emulator/frontend, go to the racermame160 folder, set the files in the "cfg"
folder as "read only".

Download: RacerMAME v0.160
Source: Here

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