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EmuCR: MAMEHubMAMEHub v4.0 is released. MAMEHub is a cross-platform online game lobby system which features ports of MAME and MESS emulators which have been updated with custom peer-to-peer network functionality.

MAMEHub v4.0 Changelog:
- Another non-netplay crash. Fixes #318
- More speedups for rollback
- Fix crash when running with rollback
- More changes to support rollback.
- More SDL2.0 chat bugs. Fixes #313
- Floating-point precision changes and fixed-point frequency inversion.
Fixes #311
- Support typing enter/backspace in chat on osx/linux. Fixes #313
- Only skip frames when behind 100ms or more.
* Fixed bug in clien gradle script.
* Remove deprecated maven build system (replaced with gradle). Minor fixes
* Support MXE
* Fixes for windows
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MisterTea/MAMEHub
* Update README.md

Download: MAMEHub v4.0
Source: Here

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