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EmuCR: mGBAmGBA v0.3.2 is released. mGBA is a new emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack.

- Near full Game Boy Advance hardware support[1].
- Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low end hardware, such as netbooks.
- Qt and SDL ports for a heavy-weight and a light-weight frontend.
- Save type detection, even for flash memory size[2].
- Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
- A built-in BIOS implementation, and ability to load external BIOS files.
- Turbo/fast-forward support by holding Tab.
- Frameskip, configurable up to 9.
- Screenshot support.
- 9 savestate slots. Savestates are also viewable as screenshots.
- Video and GIF recording.
- Remappable controls for both keyboards and gamepads.
- Loading from ZIP files.
- IPS and UPS patch support.
- Game debugging via a command-line interface (not available with Qt port) and GDB remote support.

mGBA v0.3.0 Changelog:
ARM7: Implement undefined STRH/LDRH/LDRSH/LDRSB versions
ARM7: Fix bank switching with LDR[B]T/STR[B]T
Libretro: Fix problems with rumble not turning off
GBA: Fix idle skip state being retained between games
GBA: Initialize uninitialized pristineRom and pristineRomSize members
GBA BIOS: Fix CpuSet on 0x01XXXXXX addresses
GBA BIOS: Fix Sqrt sign
GBA BIOS: Fix misaligned RLUnCompReadNormalWrite*
GBA Hardware: Fix Game Boy Player rumble in Pokemon Pinball
GBA Memory: Fix DMA behavior for SRAM accesses
GBA Memory: Fix Store8 to OBJ VRAM
GBA Memory: Fix alignment of LDM/STM on SRAM
GBA Memory: Fix unaligned out-of-bounds ROM loads
GBA Memory: Fix timing of DMAs
GBA Video: Fix _mix for 15-bit color
GBA Video: Fix OAM and palette initialization
OpenGL: Fix fast-forward on some OpenGL drivers where it may block early
Qt: Use safer isLoaded check in GameController
Qt: Fix a race condition in PainterGL that could lead to a crash
Qt: Fix clear button/analog buttons in gamepad mapper on some platforms
Qt: Fix font size in memory viewer
Qt: Fix a crash in the memory viewer
Qt: Add additional checks in CheatModel to prevent crashes
Qt: Fix race condition with setting sample rate
Qt: Fix crash when closing multiplayer windows
Qt: Fix resetting while paused

GBA Audio: Implement missing flags on SOUNDCNT_X register
Qt: Add mute option to menu

Download: mGBA v0.3.2
Source: Here

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