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EmuCR: SainTSainT v2.40 is released. SainT is an ATARI-ST emulator running on Windows (9x,NT,2000,XP) based machines. SainT was one of the first "cycle accurate" ATARI emulator. Cycle accuracy is very suitable to emulate ATARI demos. For those who don't know anything about demos, just know that's program pushing the hardware to the max. (more colors, more screen resolution, more speed, etc.). Of course SainT can run ATARI games too !

SainT v2.40 Changelog:
* color writing using blitter is now working
* accurate "writing data" sync to the electron beam (even with STE blitter)
* Experimental frame interpolation option (should produce smooth scroller at 50Hz)
* Experimental support of Light-Boost if your screen support 100Hz and more
* Support med resolution change in middle of line ( DNT Screen 1 in Snork Demo )
* minor bug fix in memshot preview
* Clean up option screen
* ste linewidth saved in memoryshot

Download: SainT v2.40
Source: Here

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