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EmuCR: ePSXe ePSXe v2.0 is released. ePSXe is a Sony Playstation emulator for your PC running under Win9x/2k/xp or linux. It takes advantage of the popular PSEmu Pro plugin system.

ePSXe v2.0 Changelog:

- First of all, ePSXe 2.0 now requires Windows Vista or superior. While it could work on Windows XP SP2, it has not been tested.
- Multi-language support. Currently there is support for English, Spanish, Japanese (thanks to Nekokabu) and Italian (thanks to Domus). If you want to help us translate the emulator to other language let us know at epsxepc@gmail.com.
- Added a gamelist window. Now you can open a gamelist window by selecting File->Open Gamelist or clicking on the letters "PSX" from the ePSXe logo.
- Improved CPU/overall timing accuracy.
- Improved GTE accuracy. and added support for widescreen and subpixel precision (GTE Accuracy hack thank to Edbla).
- Ported the Soft GPU from the Android version. The new GPU Core requires a videocard supporting OpenGL2 + GLSL shader. Supporting increased internal resolution at x2/x4, brightness profiles, stretching modes, 2D filters (Thanks to Zenju), Shaders (Thanks to Lottes & Hyllian), Scanlines and Sub-pixel precision. (Special thanks to Pete Bernert :)
- Included the Pete Opengl2 GPU core with support for sub-pixel precission (gte accuracy hack) and memory detection. Millions of thanks to Pete Bernert, Tapcio and Edbla.
- Teamviewer incompatibility is resolved with the internal GPU plugins.
- Added a configuration window to select options for the internal SPU Plugin.
- Fixed support for CDDA music in external SPU plugins.
- Improved the internal input plugin. Improved multitap andd added autofire support.
- Added support for Konami Justifier gun using the mouse.
- External Input plugins support.
- Added game profile by game.
- Improved auto-PPF support. (PPv3 and several files by game)
- Improved cheat support. Fixed cheatcodes gameshark conditional, added increment/decrement types (0x10-11, 0x20-21) and copy type (0xc2).
- Improved HLE bios emulation. Starting with version 1.9.25, the HLE bios has been improved to support more games: Wild Arms, Jet Moto, Toca World Touring, Simcity 2000. Memcards support was improved for a lot of games such as Dinocrisis 2, Metal Gear Solid, V-Rally2, Diablo, Ridge Racer Type 4, Driver, Echo Night and Azure Dreamns.
- Fixes to the CD-ROM decoder and the core which made around to 40 more games playable or better working: Agile Warrior F-111X, Arcade's Greatest Hits - The Atari Collection 2, Blasto (PAL), C-12 - Final Resistance, Captain Commando, Cinema Eikaiwa - Ai No Hate Ni, Cinema Eikaiwa - ArasshigaokaA, Cinema Eikaiwa - Interceptor, Cinema Eikaiwa - Tengoru Ni Ikenai Papa,, Cinema Eikaiwa - This boys life, Cinema Eikaiwa - Zombiew, Duke Nukem - Land of Babes (PAL), Fantastic Night Dreams - Cotton Original, Formula One 2000, Glocal Hexcite, Jumping Flash 2, Legend of Legaia, London Racer 2, Mary-Kate and Ashley - Crush Course (PAL), Mary Kate & Ashley - Magical Mystery Mall (PAL), Medievil, Medievil 2, Metal Slug - Super Vehicle 001, Maboroshi Tsukiyo, Millennium Soldier Expendable, Nightmare Creatures II, Nishijin Packinko Tengoku Vol 2, Perfect Weapon, Psybadek, Rock'n Roll Racing 2 - Red Asphalt (PAL), Rugrats Studio Tour (PAL), SD Gundam G Generation Zero, Sidewinder II, Slots, Soul Blade, Star Wars - Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire, Super Pang Collection, The Hive, USA Racer - A2 Racer goes USA, Virtua Pachi-Slot Olympia Special

Download: ePSXe v2.0 for Windows
Download: ePSXe v2.0 for Android
Source: Here

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!
    I was waiting for this.
    I will try it, as soon as i get home...

  2. They still cannot add an option that would completely stop the current emulation like in PCSX or PCSX2. I still have to close the window and launch the program again in order to change most of the settings. Why do the programmers won't fix this already?

    1. It's too obvious a shortcoming that they just miss it. I think there's the reason they don't want to fix it.

  3. New version of gpuBladeSof plugin also released.

    1. Do you have a download link the new version?

  4. This fix the s* error of SoulBlade Loading Screen Battle?

    1. - Fixes to the CD-ROM decoder and the core which made around to 40 more games playable or better working: Soul Blade. Oooops My bad. :3

  5. The PS1 deserve better than this old junk, if only someone qualified could make at least PPSSPP read eBoots

  6. They explicitly state that it now requires at least Vista and fresher Windows to run correctly. Is this an actual hint that they're planning on finally implement newer/better DirectX and/or Vulkan support? I really don't give a rat's ass about DX12, but if they add Vulkan back-end to the future releases, this will be great.

    1. Or people can move on from XP for once.

  7. NO run pec in epsxe 2.0, some bugs in video and sound. The emulators requeriments are hight. not support win95, 2000, xp serious?


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