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Series.ini 0.171 is released. This file can can sort your games series.

Series.ini 0.171 Changelog:
Entries RENAMED: (mj2) to (mj2f), (mj2g) to (mj2), (pclb297w) to (prc297wi), (pclb298a) to (prc298au), (pclub298) to (prc298sp) and (wrallyb) to (wrallyat).
Entries FIXED: Police 911.
Series ADDED: Dragon Treasure and Frogger.
Series UPDATED: 194X, Asteroids, Bubble Bobble, Great 1000 Miles Rally, Jurassic Park, Multi Champ, NBA Jam, Police 24/7, Print Club, Raiden, Silent Scope, Thrill Drive, Wangan Midnight, World Combat and World Rally.

How to use this file:

Download: Series.ini 0.171
Source: Here

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