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EmuCR: kindred kindred v1.08 Preview Build 1 is released. kindred is a multi-system video game emulator for Windows. A work-in-progress for more than a decade, the software utilises a number of priority technologies to accurately emulate video games systems.

- 128KB Backup RAM (various file formats)
- Support for various ROM formats (Max 64Mbit Cartridge Mode, Max 96Mbit Game Doctor Mode)
- Support for Standard Controller, Nintendo Scope and Mouse
- Advanced 24bit Color Mapping Technology
- Screen Capture in PNG format

kindred v1.07 Preview Build 3 Changelog:
* [SMS] Added Sega Master System
* [SMS] Added Sega and Code Masters Mappers
* [SMS] Added CPU, VDP, Gate Array and PSG modules
* [DMG] Fixed timer clock on register write
* [DMG] Reworked DMG CPU core, 130% performance increase
* [SFC] Fixed broken State functions
* [SFC] Fixed Game Doctor 3 Mapper
* [SFC] Added State information for NEC PD77C25
* [SFC] Optimised NEC PD77C25 core
* [ALL] Added Double-buffering for smoother refresh rates
* [ALL] Added PAL/NTSC select to menu
* [ALL] Added Zilog Z80 disassembler
* [ALL] Added Motorola 68000 disassembler
* [ALL] Added ARM7TDMI disassembler

EmuCR: kindred

Download: kindred v1.07 Preview Build 3
Source: Here

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