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NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 Public Beta is released. NeoGensPlusGX is a multicore emulator which emulates: Sega Genesis/Megadrive, 32X, SegaCD/MegaCD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, MK3.

NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 Public Beta Changelog:
* Genesis Plus GX v1.10b *

* TMSS can now be activated for SMS

* Fixed an issue where the emulator would lock up if the first game you selected was a GG or SMS game without a game configuration.

* Activated autoload savestates.

* Neogenesis v25.15b *

* Activated autoload savestates.

Download: NeoGensPlusGX v1b06 Public Beta
Source: Here

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