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EmuCR:Zx Spectrum 4 .NetZX Spectrum 4.net v1.0.5913 build 17896 is released. ZX Spectrum Emulator for Microsoft Windows, developed under Microsoft .net framework.The emulator currently supports 48k rom, tzx tape file and tape deck emulation, Sound, Border (loading boarders), Basic, Snapshot saving and more ...other supported file formats include sna, z80, tap. The ZX Spectrum emulator was the result of getting to know the .net environment a little better, and since staring have found ourselves up against barriers within the environment leaving no choice but to use some existing native windows calls, thanks Microsoft.

ZX Spectrum 4.net v1.0.5605 Build 18395 Changelog:
- Added Interface for Elite Recreated ZX Spectrum Keyboard

EmuCR:Zx Spectrum 4 .Net

Download: ZX Spectrum 4.net v1.0.5913 build 17896
Source: Here

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